About Us

Rath Education Group is a consortium of professional educators focused on goal-oriented test preparation and academic tutoring.

Eric Rath
Boomie Aglietti

About Us

After a combined twenty-five years of tutoring and teaching, Eric Rath and Boomie Aglietti founded Rath Education Group on the belief that the key to student success with formal test prep or academic tutoring is a professional, experienced, and dedicated educator — one who possesses not only mastery over concepts and strategies but also the ability to connect with and motivate students. By building confidence and instilling progress as a habit, Rath Education Group tutors help our students meet and often exceed their standardized testing and academic goals, and they routinely gain admission to the most selective colleges and universities.

Our Educators

Every Rath Education Group tutor is a professional educator with at least 5 years and 5,000 hours of private instruction experience. Our most veteran tutors have more than 15 years and 15,000 hours of private instruction experience, and extensive experience in curriculum design.

In addition to being expert test takers who demonstrate consistent ability to score in the 99th percentile for any test they teach, our tutors operate from a positive growth mindset, challenging students to push past their comfort zones to fulfill their potential.

Personable, engaging, and accessible, Rath Education Group tutors act as mentors to their students and often work with them along the full arc of performance testing and achieving their educational goals, from standardized test prep to study skills, time management, and academic courses.

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